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Headache? Migraine?

A personalised approach and alternative treatments  for

Vestibular Migraine | Tension Type Headache | Cervicogenic headache | Migraine Management | Head, Face and Neck Pain


An integrated and personalised approach to headache and migraine treatment

You may have tried medications and want to explore your alternative treatment options such as Cranial Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Watson Approach.
Or you may simply prefer a natural holistic approach to healthcare.

Whatever the reason, Elizabeth Huzzey has the expertise, skills and experience to help. 

Elizabeth Huzzey MHD DO
Headache Specialist. Osteopath. Acupuncturist.


Recommended by GPs and Neurologists across Central London & Hertfordshire

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Personalised  Treatment Plan 

Safety screening

Self management advice for head pain and migraines

Alternative headache treatments

Clear aims and expectations

Watson Technique

Classical and Cranial Osteopathy

Exercise programs

Alternative treatments for Headache Disorders



If you have the following symptoms please seek medical advice.

‘Thunderclap’ severe pain within 5 minutes
Over 50 with a new headache
Fever/rash/ neck stiffness
Confusion/ memory loss
Recent head trauma

Understand your Headache 

You will have time to tell your story and ask questions. The cause of your headache will be explained in simple terms, your headache treatments and migraine management options discussed.


You have three appointment options


The Advanced Headache Consultation

60 mins

Elizabeth will listen to your story, take an extensive case history to determine your headache type and consider all possible causes.

Next is an examination and it begins with safety. This includes blood pressure monitoring, a neurological screening and spinal stability tests. VOMS and vestibular tests will be included in cases of post concussion and dizziness.

This is followed with a comprehensive examination of structures of the head and neck.

The findings will determine if treatment is appropriate and will inform a treatment plan. Your options and preferences will be discussed and a treatment plan recommended.There will be time for any questions. 

Should you be better helped elsewhere, referrals for investigations, medical treatments or headache specialists can be arranged. 


Treatments for headaches and migraines

30 mins

You have seen a doctor, been assessed and have a diagnosis. Now you are looking for expert and specialist treatment.

Elizabeth blends her extensive knowledge of headache disorders and her unique set of skills to provide personalised care and evidence informed, natural and holistic treatments.


Cranial and Classical Osteopathy

Watson Technique 

Nutritional supplements

Lifestyle advice

You can expect simple, effective and gentle treatments.

Forceful "clicking" techniques to the neck are not used.

A combination of treatments may be recommended.


Headache video consultation

45 mins

  • 45 minutes with Elizabeth Huzzey, a headache expert specialising in alternative treatments for headache and migraine management from wherever you are.

  • Help to navigate your treatment options.

  • Lifestyle and supplements advice

  • Discuss the alternative treatments and look at ways to reduce the need for medications 

Fees are dependant on location

Central London

£240.00 - £105.00


£180.00 - £75.00

Why use us?




of primary headaches are tension type, 14% are migraines. NICE guidelines recommend acupuncture for tension type headache and migraine management.

of chronic headache patients are thought to have medication overuse headache

Studies show between 20-70% of headaches after mild head trauma persist for more than 3 months. Accompanying symptoms include a feeling of imbalance, dizziness, brain fog and disturbed sleep.

"Elizabeth provided clear and excellent advice regarding my daily headaches. I found the consultation incredibly useful and insightful. Thank you."

Clinic Locations



Elvynne House
2 Chesham Road

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1 Oldbury Place

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